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Knitting Project: Scarf

I finally taught myself to knit and found it to be quite relaxing.  As the baby gets heavier and more taxing on my body, I feel the need to sit more often so it is a good time for me to learn something that requires much sitting.  When my boy saw me fiddling with knitting needles and yarn, he asked, “Can I have the scarf if you get it right?”  I found his request amusing enough that I decided to let him pick his yarn and knit a scarf for him.

Here’s my boy modeling his newly knitted scarf (in his new pajamas):

img_7534.JPG is a great website with excellent videos that demonstrate clear step by step of different stitches.  For those who are interested in learning how to knit, click here for a list of knitting videos.

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  1. Lura says

    Thanks for the link! My mother in law has tried to teach me knitting before, but I think maybe watching the video over and over until I get it right might be less taxing for her. Ha ha.

  2. Lydia says

    Matthew is so handsome 🙂 look at him striking that pose, it even looks like he has a hand in his pj pocket 🙂

  3. Tina says

    Wow, I haven’t been to your blog in a long time, but I wanted to congratulate you on expecting number 5!! Praise the Lord!

  4. Yaz says

    seriously, Matthew is doing the GQ pose…

  5. Michael says

    Where did Matthew learn to pose like that? From his DAD?!

    Start ’em young I guess. Doesn’t appear to have turned out too bad for ol’ pops 😛

  6. Lee Ping Chong says

    First time commenting on your blog.

    Thanks for sharing the link to the videos on how to knit. I am learning how to knit from my 10 year old daughter. Our common hobby has brought us closer to each other.

    Kind of wish that I had read your article before I bought our knitting supplies. Metal needles are slippery. And the instructional book as part of the kit is very hard to understand as well. The videos on the link you provided is very helpful. Thanks again!

  7. Sarah says

    Hey Lois, is great for free patterns and if you really get hooked is an awesome community of knitters that post their knitted patterns and finished projects. But I’m sure you have your hands full these days.

  8. Lois says

    Thanks Sarah for the link. Yes, you’re right, I’m a bit busy these days. When I can move beyond knitting scarves, I’ll look for something else to knit.

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