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Secret to Keeping Your Child Young and Cute Forever

I had an amusing chat with my four-year-old the other day.

Me: “Andrew, I like the way you are.  Can you not grow up and stay this way all the time?”

He:  “I can’t!”

Me:  “Why not?”

He:  “Because you keep giving me milk to drink so I keep growing.”

[Note: at one point he was not a great milk drinker, and we told him if we wanted to be big like Daddy, he had to drink his milk.  This evidently stuck in his mind.]

Me:  “Hmmm. . . good point.  Can I stop giving you milk so you can stop growing and stay this way forever?”

He:  “Yes.”

So folks, there you have it.  I’ve divulged the secret to keep your child young and cute forever.  Just stop giving them milk.

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  1. Teri (from Iowa) says

    Wow. If I had only known…

    But it’s not too late for the rest of you! No more milk = no empty nest!

  2. Andrea says

    That is too cute Lois. I frequently tell LeighAnna that she will always be my baby even when she’s all grown up. To this she replies, “When I grow up I’ll have my own baby and then get married.” To this I always reply, “yes dear, but not in that order.” 😉

  3. Violin Mom says

    Oh my goodness, is that it? And I keep trying to get my kids to drink their milk, too. What’s wrong with me??!!

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