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My Funny Boy

My boy is always cracking me up with his antics.  Either he says something really adult like or does something so funny or creative, he never fails to make me laugh.  When I woke up from my nap this afternoon, this is what I found on my computer monitor:


In case you can’t read the five Post-It notes on my screen, here’s the text:

  • Mom I finished in 11 m: 13 s
  • And I got.
  • 22 x 22 100%
    24 x 24 100%
  • 30 + 30 100%
    30 – 30 100%
  • are you proud of me?

What my boy is referring to in these notes is the scores he got on his FlashMaster, an electronic flash card device for practicing math tables.  When the rest of the family takes a nap in the afternoon, Matthew works on his flashmaster where he does four different math tables.  Then he is to record his scores on a spreadsheet I developed for him.  He decided to surprise me with his amazing scores of 100% for all four math tables by posting them on my computer screen.  I was very proud indeed and he knew it!  I had a good chuckle after seeing these stickie notes.  He knows his mama who likes to put post-it notes on the computer screen to remind herself of different things.

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