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Sewing Project: Nursing Cover

I’m all ready for this baby to come, but I still have 9 more weeks to go.  In order to prepare for the season of nursing, I made a nursing cover as shown here:


So, what is a nursing cover? It is akin to an adult bib, but lot more stylish, for nursing in public.  The free pattern I used can be found here.  This cover is very similar to the popular Bebe au Lait covers.

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  1. rosa amilia says

    hi… Im rosa amilia
    I hv small bussines about embroidery ribbon
    i not yet hv baby… but i see many ppl hv baby n use nursing cover.. so i think maybe its be good idea if i put embroidery in ther too

    im searching on Yahoo about nursing cover.. Thx God, cos i get ur site

    u can contac me

  2. Jen says

    Where do I buy the plastic boning?
    Thanks! this pattern is great!

  3. Ann says

    Boning can be something as simple as the plastic strip that must be removed from 5 gallon buckets to open the lid.
    If you have friends who buy litter in industrial size buckets, or laundry detergent, there you go. Just cut to length.

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