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Oral-B Electric Toothbrush: Not Just for Your Teeth

For our dental hygiene we use Oral-B electric toothbrush, and just recently I discovered another use for this electric toothbrush.  I feel so innovative and a notch smarter for this idea: I use OLD toothbrush heads to clean the grout in our shower.  The grout lines in our shower got lots of mildew and discoloration that I desperately wanted to get rid of.  The best tool I know of is a manual toothbrush because it can clean in between the small thin lines.  Using an electric toothbrush makes the job even easier because you use less elbow grease or none at all.  I just spray the grout with a cleaner and then let the electric toothbrush do its work, just like it does for my teeth (again, different brushhead).  This cleaning job was so much easier and faster with this newly discovered tool.  I’m sure others have already discovered this, but this was extremely enlightening for me and I happily share this tip with anyone who has an electric toothbrush and yucky grout.  Happy cleaning!!!

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  1. Dick Hendry says

    I saw something like that on TV (ad) called the Sonic Scrubber. They had several brushes that went with it.

  2. FishMama says

    Excellent idea! Bring your link to Toolin’ Up Tuesday next week!

  3. mk says

    Hello Evers and Lois,so nice to have come across your encouraging website on the internet. i’m very proud of you both for the height you have scaled since college. congratulations on number 5 child. thank you for blessing me and many others through your devotionals and sharings. thank you even more for sharing the good times AND the challenging times. i am a mom of 3 and i admire how you parent 4 children and still find time to read and grow. keep it coming. i’m learning a lot from Lois. i know i cannot do the sewing, but i am trying some fun stuff you shared with my kids already. God bless your family!!love,

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