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Homemade “Do Not Disturb” Sign

I discovered this on the bathroom door in the kids’ bathroom last night as we were bathing the kids.  It speaks for itself.


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  1. Fletch says

    Extremely funny…could I get one for me?

  2. Teri (from Iowa) says

    That is too bigfatstinkin’ funny! And BONUS! Really nice penmanship. Suitable for framing? lol

  3. Chelita says

    That is so darn funny! OH MY GOSH!

  4. Billy says


  5. Cindy says

    Our funniest note is
    …but that was good for a chuckle. Yours made me laugh out loud! Thanks for sharing.

    It’s been quiet over here! How’s the pregnancy progressing? (Congratulations, by the way!)


  6. Michelle says

    WOW, you have to save that!

  7. Andrew says

    Your kids will have some great slide shows later in life.

  8. Lisa Nunley says

    HILARIOUS. Thank you for the dose of laughter.

  9. Lois says

    Every time I see that sign, I crack up really hard. Of course Matthew doesn’t understand why I’m laughing. In fact, he asked me the other day but I just don’t know how to respond to him. I’m sure he’ll find it super amusing when he’s older. This is definitely a blackmail material.

  10. ellie says

    i hate it gross

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