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Baby Love

Our whole family is very excited about our baby who is still growing inside mommy’s tummy. He/she is so well loved right now and the love will even be more pronounced once he/she is born. I’ve been getting lots of requests from the children to kiss the baby inside my tummy. My eldest often asks, “Mommy, after I’m done eating, can I kiss the baby in your tummy?” Naturally, the rest of the children want to have a turn too. I’m so happy that they’re excited about having a baby.

The children’s love for the unborn baby got me thinking. Where did they get the idea to love this unseen baby? None of the children ever attended a “New Sibling” class to learn how to love the new baby. I believe children learn from their parents. If the parents have the attitude of welcoming another baby into the family, then the children will see the new baby as a blessing. If the parents have the mentality that “two is enough” or that “children are just a lot of hassle and work,” then the children don’t see themselves as someone mommy and daddy treasure. Consequently, any subsequent child the parents have isn’t viewed as a blessing. When my eldest said, “Mommy, I want to kiss your baby in your tummy,” I said to him that it’s not my baby, it’s our baby. This baby is a member of our family.

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  1. Christie says

    Very sweet! 🙂 Congratulations on the new little blessing! I just wanted to thank you both for your comment on Making Home. I thought it was very well articulated… there is so much truth in what you said. We truly do have to continually keep focused on the goal… to sharpen the arrows God gives us for His glory and to His purpose. Thank you!

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