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Odd Numbers Are Just… Odd!

I spent some one-on-one time with my six year old last night.  We had the following conversation that brought me much amusement:

Matthew: “Mommy, when we have our 6th baby, do we need to change our van?” (Just so you know, we’re having our 5th baby this year and we haven’t made any plans for baby #6 … and baby #5 will max out the capacity of our family minivan.)

Me: “Hunny, I’m really not sure if we’re going to have a 6th baby.”

Matthew (a bit perturbed): “But we’re going to have an odd number of children!!!!”

Me (smiling and amused): “Okay, hunny, we’ll see what the Lord gives us. Let’s just concentrate on having baby #5 for now.”

My boy loves symmetry and completeness, just like his Daddy the software engineer / numbers guy. Even numbers are good and odd numbers are just odd.

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  1. Mary Beth says

    How cute.

  2. from_rebecca_j says

    So sweet. Been keeping up, but not having the chance to comment. Hope you are feeling better! Love, Rebecca

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