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Christmas Gift Giving

Many times we have challenges picking out gifts for the kids.

We’re frugal.

We don’t like clutter.

We don’t want noisy toys.

The toddler/baby product review blog Thingamababy has solved our  dilemma.

Here’s what we’re getting the kids.  Now & forever.

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  1. Mary Beth says

    When Sissy was a wee lil’ one we gave her nesting boxes (which we already had on hand) wrapped individually with tissue inside. Of course, she loved it.

    I asked my mom to give Chunky Monkey a wrapped box with tissue for her first Christmas. Don’t know if she will. Though, we will. 80)

  2. DotBlogger says


  3. Michael says

    At first I thought you were going to say “savings bonds”. I got that once. It was a real hoot. 😛

    But it pales in comparison to what you posted. Brilliant!

  4. Billy says

    i see you’ve already gotten all of them #1. gift for yourself. gift for them. done and done.

  5. Billy says

    i see you’ve already given them #1. gift for yourself comes with a gift for your four children. brilliant!

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