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Advent Calendar

We love the Christmas season.  We already have our Christmas tree up and Christmas music playing in the background every day.  This year I decided to make our Christmas season more fun for the children, and I came up with a decorative advent calendar.  I made 25 mini stockings using Martha Stewart’s pattern and directions.  Each of the stockings contains an advent activity that we will do for that day.  From December 1 to 25 we will have an activity for each day.  The activities we came up with are simple things like making Christmas cookies, play a board game, go out for dessert, go to a local Christmas train, visit Christmas in the Park, watch a movie, drink hot cocoa, etc.  In addition to these fun activities, we will have our advent reading each night to learn about the coming of our Lord.

Mini stockings hanging over the mantel.


Close-up view of the stockings.  I used fabric glue to write the numbers on the stockings.


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  1. Stephanie says

    What a great idea! I bet your kids are so excited about it. I’d love to do this with our boys next year. Thanks for all of your encouraging posts.

  2. Petrie Montgomery says

    Lois, how lovely! What a wonderful example you are. When I consider your industriousness, it makes me realize there are so many other ways I could make better use of my time to the benefit of my family. How do you find time for yourself? Or do you?

  3. Lois says

    Thank you for your kind words. As for finding time for myself, sewing is having time to myself because I really enjoy it. I also have time to myself during the children’s nap time. My oldest doesn’t nap anymore but he gets quiet time in his room for 1 to 1.5 hrs.

  4. Michelle says

    Lois, how did you pick up sewing? I don’t know where to start!

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