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Children as Mirrors

One of the things I like and dislike at the same time on having children is how they act just like me. I like it because it is so funny when they act out my idiosyncrasies. I dislike it because they act out my unrefined moments as well. They are my personal mirrors and they often reflect my current mood. I know how I’m doing personally when I look at how my children act and behave. Sadly, I haven’t been very patient, loving, and kind towards my children recently. Having children is such a refining and sanctifying experience because I get immediate feedback when I am sinning. Such immediate feedback are not normally present when interacting with adults. Even when we behave badly, most of our friends are patient, and are not quick to point out our follies or to be too forthright about it. Children, however, by their tendency to mirror our actions, tend to show us (if we are willing to see) exactly where our faults are – in “real time.” I am humbled. Even though I don’t like my current reflection, it drives me to repentance and hopes for a better tomorrow. His mercies are sufficient for each day’s toil and this is what I rely upon.

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