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Color Changing Milk Science Experiment

For our science lesson today, we did a Color Changing Milk experiment. By the way, the Steve Spangler Science is a great website for easy science experiments that can be done at home. The website has many videos of different experiments. Not only do my kids enjoy doing science experiments, I enjoy learning alongside them. Thanks to my husband who found the website for me!!!

The children learned that milk is composed of water, vitamins, minerals, protein, and fat. When the soap molecules are introduced, the bonds in the protein are weakened and the soap tries to bond with the fat molecules in the milk. This reaction creates a swirling movement of all the colors in the milk.



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  1. Petrie Montgomery says

    Lois, Thanks so much for the science link. I’m a chemistry teacher, but it’s always great to find things that bring it down to the right age level! Last week I did what I thought might be ho-hum for Merrilee, and instead she thought it was an absolute blast. We made a chart of different objects and checked “yes” or “no” columns as we tested each object with a magnet. Then we put all the objects in a 2L bottle of water and she tried to move them around inside the bottle with a magnet on the outside. She was absolutely engaged! I was shocked at how much enjoyment the little ones get out of things we can find so “usual” or mundane. Magnets never seem to get old with kids.

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