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Funny: My Son Is A Clever and Resourceful Boy

Below is a conversation I had with my son Matthew, and it cracked me up as much as it warmed my heart. I was preparing some chicken and he climbed up on a chair next to me to watch.

“What are you doing, Mom?”

“I’m prepping some chicken and then deliver them to our good friends who are sick.”

“Mom, you should give them some strawberries.”

“Errr. . . we don’t have strawberries.”

“We have some frozen ones.”

“Why do you want to give them strawberries?”

“That’s what my ‘Body IQ’ says!” (At this point he got down from the chair he was standing on, and went and grabbed a ‘Body IQ’ chart that we use for school) “It says: ‘Strawberries contain vitamin C, which helps you fight off an illness‘ so you should give our friends strawberries instead of chicken.”

I cracked up and then went and tackled him. This little boy of mine sure is resourceful and clever.

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  1. Rebecca says

    Wow, Matthew is so smart! 🙂 Good thinking, applying what he learns in school to real life.

  2. Evers says

    Well what’s weird is that Lois never strictly walked him through that chart! He just reads these things on his own and remembers them!

  3. Mary Beth says

    It was finger lickin’ good, too! Thanks you guys! You are awesome friends.

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