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Book Review: The Big Picture Story Bible

bigpicturestorybible.jpgOne of the best story bibles for children that we’ve come across is The Big Picture Story Bible. This book is written along the lines of “Biblical Theology”, i.e., reading the Bible from a redemptive-historical rather than just a grammatical-historical context. In other words, it presents various accounts of Biblical history set in the broader context of God’s redemptive purposes throughout history, from Genesis to Revelation, with special emphasis on God’s crowning achievement of redeeming His people through Jesus Christ. Most Bible storybooks simply retell of various Bible characters and stories in a disconnected fashion, often in a fairly moralistic fashion (“what can we learn from [fill in Bible character]”). This book instead strives to help the reader understand that all of history is connected to God’s redemptive purposes and a consistent thread that repeats itself in God’s dealings with man: “God’s people in God’s place under God’s rule.”

The book is laid out attractively for a youngster. Each page has a very colorful picture with several lines of the story. We have been enjoying reading this book for some time now, and at point we even had my husband record sections of this book just so my son could listen to it during his quiet time. We really appreciate the thematic approach of this book because even as adults we rarely see or read the Bible as a whole. While reading the Bible in sections is good, we often fail to see the overall redemptive story of Jesus Christ from the Old Testament to the New Testament. So, without any reservation, we recommend this book wholeheartedly.

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  1. Petrie Montgomery says

    This sounds wonderful. I clicked on your link but it didn’t take me to a source. Do you have one? Thanks.

  2. Lois says

    Hi Petrie,
    The link works and it should take you directly to If not, just search on Amazon for it. The author is David Helm.


  3. Evers says

    Sorry, try clicking on the book title in the first sentence; the image had a bad link.

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