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My Baby Girl “Can’t Do Anything Wrong!”

During our family devotion this morning, my son asked why people persecute Jesus and those who follow Him. I explained that Jesus himself said in the Bible that people would hate and despise Him. In his mind, he just couldn’t understand why people would hate Jesus. I went on to explain that all people are sinful (including mommy, daddy, his sisters and brother) and that they don’t like the things of God. He responded, “Not [13 month old] Calissa, she can’t do anything wrong.” I chuckled inside and was very glad that he loves his baby sister enough to attribute sweet innocence to her. However, I explained that even Calissa is born with sin. He sure loves his sister, even if he’s theologically incorrect.

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  1. Kim says

    That is so sweet! I always enjoy hearing how my children process great doctrines of the faith…sometimes, they have great understanding…sometimes, they say the cutest incorrect things. He definitely loves his baby sister.


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