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Enjoying Children While They’re Young

The amount of work I do everyday for the little people can hamper my daily enjoyment of each child. I have heard from friends and strangers telling me, “Enjoy them while they’re young because they grow up very quickly.” This saying has become more and more prevalent in my life. Several weeks ago when I was out with all four kids, a stranger walked up and said, “Wow. . . you have your hands full. You sure are brave to be out with all of them. Enjoy them while they’re young.” This incident reminded me of a conversation I had with an older mom several years ago. This mom exhorted me to enjoy my little children, and she later confessed that she didn’t when her children were young. By the time she learned this lesson, her children were already grown. When she told me this, she had a bit of sadness on her face and some regrets as well.

Despite my busyness and occasional frustrations, I can honestly say that I do enjoy being with my children everyday. I revel in their uniqueness and their idiosyncrasies. Each one is special and each one has his/her peculiarity that tugs at my heart. I try to get on the floor with them and simply be silly. The way to my boys’ hearts is through chasing them around the house. Even though we have a no running in the house rule, I make an exceptions: only when mommy or daddy is the one who does the chasing. Their giggles and roaring laughters make my heart melt. On occasions when it is possible, I like to take just one child out on an errand. Even though going to a grocery store might seem quite mundane, it is very special for that particular child because he/she gets to spend individual time with mommy. I also love that individual time as well because it allows me to enjoy and appreciate that child’s special gifts without the distraction of the other children.

I know that moms of many children are often overwhelmed by sheer amount of work that taking the time to enjoy the children is secondary. The saying is true, “Enjoy them while they’re young because they grow up fast.” Just remember this and appreciate the children. A dose of laughter is good for a tired mama too.

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