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Feeling “Lucky” About Sin?

For our morning devotional time, the kids and I read the Bible and then a chapter from Susan Hunt’s Big Truths For Little Kids. Today, after reading the story in the book, I asked my almost five year old son how the little boy Daniel in the story felt about his sin. Matthew replied, “He feels lucky.” Lucky? I was so dumbfounded. Where did he get that? We have been going over the Westminster Catechism with him for a while now and certainly he knows the answer ain’t feeling “lucky!”

I was very relieved to know that what he actually meant was “yucky” as indicated in the book. For some reason he heard “lucky” when I read it. Whew! I certainly don’t want my boy to view sinning as a stroke of luck!

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  1. Kim says

    I just got this book in today and we have read through the first story and question and answer page. I really like it! We did the catechisms with our 2 oldest a few years ago when they were bigger,but I have not found a good book for little ones. Thanks for the rec…I read it somewhere on your blog.


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