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Sustaining Grace

It is without question, lest anyone thinks otherwise, that my days are tough with four little ones. The constant demands of each one can take away any respectable energy I may have. I have failed many times in the past to be patient, loving, and kind. After a frustrating and demoralizing day, I’m reminded that the Lord makes all things new and a brand new day with a clean slate awaits me. His grace is sufficient for each day.

I find that whenever I’m faced with a difficult situation, I tend to think, “Oh Lord, how long is this going to be? Looks like this problem can go on for days, weeks, months, or years.” When my mind goes in this direction, it usually leads me to despair. I need to be constantly reminded that “His grace is sufficient for each day.” Taking one day at at a time is a good advice.

I get asked after each childbirth how I could endure an unmedicated labor, especially with a 17 hour long labor. I just said, “I take one contraction at a time.” I recall that during those long labors, I just focus on one contraction at a time without ever thinking how long my labor is going to last. Had my mind gone that direction, I believe I would have given up on a drug free labor. Handling one contraction at a time is more manageable. I often wonder why I don’t approach my life this way. Part of the reason is that I forget. Thus, I write so that I may remind myself that once again, God’s grace is sufficient for each day. Just like how I’ve handled my labor pain of managing one contraction at a time, likewise, I should take one day at a time with God’s grace. We are not without hope. God’s grace is indeed sufficient for each day’s toil.

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  1. Grace Dao says

    I am reminded that to be able to see, in the midst of suffering, the sufficiency of God’s grace for each day, is itself His grace. Praise the Lord!

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