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“Do What You Can”

Moms (and dads) of young children, do you feel like your current season of life has been a hindrance to spiritual disciplines and spiritual growth? Ever feel overwhelmed to merely get up with your children, let alone earlier to open a Bible? I know I do. And I often feel guilty for it. But take heart: it’s normal. And there’s hope.

Instead of trying to do what we did “before kids,” let’s consider the advice given in this helpful article titled “Do What You Can.”. It’s from Don Whitney, author of Simplify Your Spiritual Life (HT: girltalk).

Here’s a preview:

“At this time in your life, you can’t do what you’re used to doing. You don’t have time for all your heart desires to experience in your spiritual life. Nevertheless, do what you can do, even though it’s precious little. Just don’t deceive yourself by thinking that you can put off a devotional life until you have more time. Because when the years roll around and you finally do have more time, your spiritual habits will be so ingrained that you won’t give more attention to your devotional life at all.”

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